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Quick Duck Salad Recipe

Tweet Totally random this dish. I love Thai salads, I love every single type, I love how tongue burningly hot they are, I like how you can’t stop once you’ve started because it’ll hurt. I love the sheer amount of condiments and accessories (food types I mean) that are added to Thai food.  I had a craving for that spicy-fishy taste, with duck, so here is a complete cheats quick duck Thai-ish salad we rustled up.  You need; A duck. Read More

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How to make Chinese Dumplings (Pot Stickers) – an easy guide


Tweet Aloha! It has been so long since I updated this blog.  I’ve decided that in the future I will try and make videos instead of taking photographs (perhaps) purely because it takes so long to upload them individually. I will keep you posted! I must be going senile because i can’t remember if I covered these very simple Chinese dumplings (or ‘Pot Stickers’ – I have never heard of the phrase ‘pot stickers’  before I started watching You Tube Read More