Quick and Easy Comfort Food! Chinese Salt and Pepper Chips Recipe

Happy Friday!

Originally this was supposed to be Sweet and Sour Chicken – apologies, its 3.30am and I need to get a shorter post up!

Here is a quick easy dish, Chinese Salt and Pepper Chips Recipe, which is comfort – snack food and amalgamates Chinese and English food types!

Salt and Pepper Chips – in Chinese Takeaways and Chippy’s this is surprisingly popular.

Step 1.

Cook chips. Up to you what kind. Probably not curly or anything that already has flavour. We used thick cut steak chips.

Step 2.

Prep your seasoning:

White Pepper

1 Chopped green or red pepper

Chopped garlic

Chilli chopped (we used green, I prefer red)

Chopped Spring Onion.

Everything is fried in a hot wok, but the spring onion:

Chinese Salt and Pepper Chips Recipe

Fry for a few minutes so the onion softens but doesn’t brown. Are you ready for the technical bit?

Step 3.

Chuck the chips in!

This is why it’s best to use a sturdy chip as you are stirring things up in a wok and it can get rough in there! You don’t want the chips breaking up:

Chinese salt and Pepper Chips

Mix mix mix and add salt (table salt) and some white pepper. It HAS to be white pepper:

Salt and pepper chinese chips 1

Add the spring onion right at the end.  Once it is stirred through, serve.  It’s pretty quick and if you are having chips anyway, it’s a nice way to spice it up.  Essentially the chips should be spicy, salty and peppery.  The white pepper also contributes to the heat.  Add more salt and pepper as is required, to taste.

This was made with green pepper and chilli which I personally find more mild than red – we just used what was to hand but I would personally use red (or mix it up!) next time.


Chinese Salt and Pepper Chips Recipe!

Salt and Pepper Chips Recipe

What do you think? Can the chip be messed with like this!?

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  1. Chris says

    Just on this, you can also buy Chinese Salt and Pepper seasoning to up the flavour, too. Or as a substitute if you don’t have the source ingredients. I have a big tub of it, produced by a company called KMC foods. I know the local Chinese uses the stuff as that’s where I got it from :)

  2. chinesefoodlover says

    THANK YOU!!!! this is the easiest receipe for this ever. I aboslutely love salt and pepper chips. It was a regular me and my wife, we, used to have from our local chinese takeaway. This has closed now and getting salt and pepper chips from another chinese……its just not the same ;-(

  3. kassey says

    i may sound thick but i dont really like chips i prefer the salt and papper patatoes would i boil the patatoes first then do this process ? HELP

    • SR says

      Hi, if you cut the potatoes lengthways into 1cm diameter portions it should work out exactly the same! hope this helps!

  4. amy says

    Hi, my local resturant has an amazing version, I am yet to find a recipie that comes close! They seem to have an added crunchyness.. almost like another batter.. any ideas on this would be great!

  5. jo says

    Should there be ordinary onions listed in the ingredients as well as spring onions as they seem to be mentioned in recipe but not listed. Also what oil do you fry in? (and how much would you use?)

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